Custom Sublimated Hockey Jerseys,Fabric Selection

Custom SublImated Hockey Jerseys usually uses thicker and wear -resistant fabrics to provide better protection and durability. Here are some common fabrics:

1. Knit Fabric: Knit fabrics are usually made of polyester fiber or blended fiber, making Custom SublImated Hockey Jerseys high wear resistance and stretching. They can provide better warmth effect and have a certain degree of breathability.

2. Wool Fabric: Wool fabrics are often used in baseball uniforms in cold or low -temperature environments. Make Custom Sublimated Hockey Jerseys have excellent warmth and hygroscopicity, and can provide additional protection in cold weather.

3. Fabric Blends: Some thick baseball uniforms may use a variety of fiber mixed fabrics to take into account various characteristics. For example, polyester fiber and cotton mixed fabrics can provide durability and comfort.

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